Drum sets are fuckin’ dangerous, yo.

Singer/songwriter/adorable mofo Liam Finn’s new album, FOMO has been out for a couple of months already, and the diminutive Kiwi has recently started melting faces on tour. I guarantee you, if you check this guy out live, you will become a fan immediately. Not only is he talented as shit, but he’s an amazing ball of energy.

The video for “Jump Your Bones” finds Liam attacking his drum set with the vim and vigor that perfectly describes his live performance. Lots of sped-up, slowed-down camera action keeps the clip from being monotonous, but the kicker here is Liam’s verrrrry sloooooow mooootioooonnnn slide off of his drum kit. Who needs a big budget to make a great video? All you need is an awesome song, a lot of energy, and a great cameraman. Check it out.

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