From the three tracks previewed so far, it seems as if Mastodon’s The Hunter is gonna be fast, heavy, and short. Which is good. I often joke that the only band capable of following up a concept album with a concept album (with a concept album with a  concept album!) is Mastodon (I don’t know why you even tried My Chemical Romance and Green Day!) so to have them finally decide to free themselves of the constraints of such grand storytelling is kind of a relief.

On “Spectrelight”, Mastodon are loose and punishing (Especially on those last few seconds where Brann Dailor proves why he’s one of the best damn metal drummers today.) with some added help from Neurosis’ own Scott Kelly. It’s barely 3 minutes long so it won’t take but a moment to form your own opinion. Excited for The Hunter (In stores September 27th) yet? I know I am.

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