Technically, we’re still looking at a little over a week of summer left. So it’s not *too* odd for Fountains of Wayne to just now release their video for “The Summer Place”, right? Adam, Chris and the guys have spent most of the past couple of months touring behind their excellent new release “Sky Full of Holes”, so maybe it was just a situation where the guys had plans to release the video earlier and just never got around to filming it? Yeah, I know that’s a stretch, but what the hell.

Anyhoo, the clip follows the song’s lyrics pretty literally, flashing between shots of the protagonist in the past and present and the band playing on what looks like a giant slab of Astroturf (which apparently felt good enough that lead singer Chris Collingwood decided to go barefoot despite wearing a long-sleeved shirt and long pants—these are the details I notice.) It’s a classic FoW power-pop song, and the video’s a fun watch. Why don’t you own this album already?

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