Just for the record, Will Haven could make a video that centers on a stationary drawing of stick figures and I’d still be captivated for however long the song lasted.

The set up: Tombstones, some girl mourning, a dead body, maybe some foul play? The soundtrack for this piece of morbidity is of course provided by Will Haven. Who does dark and foreboding better than them after all?

A choir opens “Held To Answer”, the lead song off of October’s highly anticipated Voir Dire, by Will Haven. That’s how epic  and important this album is. To me, this sounds like a sinister little sister to Carpe Diem’s “Finest Hour” but more brutal. The keys crescendo, then the choir hits and before you know it a minute has passed and the song explodes to life. Like a slow dirge (much like the graveyard imagery in the video), Will Haven are relentless in their heaviness yet the sweetness of the keys and the guitar riff that rises above the sludge make this song so much more.

Comeback of the year? Easily. Check out the video after the jump.

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