Electro-rock is alive and well in 2011 thanks to bands like Cansei Der Ser Sexy also lovingly known as CSS. Their latest, La Libreacion, is, quite simply, a slab of danceable electro goodness.

For those of you who love the video game aesthetic of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The WorldLa Liberacion is for you. If you love Ladytron but wish they weren’t so serious all the time, La Liberacion is for you.  Album number three starts off the best way any album could with a song titled “I Love You”. C’mon, who can hate a band that starts any album with a warm welcome like that? The love fest continues with “Hits Me Like A Rock” which features Bobby Gillespie of Primal Scream and makes me think of  a new classification of music: island electro. That’s what all of La Liberacion is in a nutshell.

But then the album throws you for a loop with the flamenco guitar opening of “City Grrrl” that turns into a Kesha by way of Ladytron dance funk-a-thon. And again with the island rumba of “Echo Of Love”. And then Ratatat show up on “Red Alert”…you get where I’m going with this, right? They’re unpredictable!

While La Liberacion is not going to break any records or change the music industry, it’s refreshing to know that bands are still out there making albums that are just fun and enjoyable with no strings attached from start to finish. And if they don’t do a tour with !!! (chk chk chk) soon, I’ll be surprised.


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