If you haven’t picked up Chromeo’s Business Casual album yet, you are missing out on some serious dance-pop goodness. These two Canucks make music that takes listeners back to the glory days of post-disco dance pop. It’s got a 1983 flavor, with a little bit of 2011 irreverence thrown in.

The year-old project has gotten a new life, including the announcement of a tour with them and kindred spirit Mayer Hawthorne, and a video for the single “When The Night Falls”. Song and video both feature Solange Knowles, who has become the “it” Knowles sister in hipster/indie land and the clip is hilarious as all hell. If pregnant hotties aren’t your thing, then you might wanna tread carefully, but for the rest of ya…what are you waiting for? Click play on the damn video already!

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