Here at Popblerd, we believe in helping our own. Nixon Nyce is not only a contributor to this site, but he is also an up and coming rapper who we’ve profiled before. He also suffers from MS. When he announced that he was releasing a single and donating all the proceeds to charity, I knew we had to help out, so I asked Nixon to talk about the song, figuring “who best to tell the story behind a piece of art than the artist themselves?”

I guarantee you it’ll be the best 99 cents you’ve spent all day.

I crafted this single ‘No Pain’ a few months ago and finally found the right time to release it. I was looking for the right producer to give me a beat & sure enough JazzFeezy from Boi1da Productions (Drake, Lil Wayne, etc) decided to help out. I found my singer ‘Lola’ on twitter by searching keywords ‘In the studio’. After we put the pieces to the puzzle together, I sent the song to ‘Exit’ (Akon, Usher, etc) to mix for me. The record came out DOPE!

The fact that we’re selling this on itunes showed them I was serious about my career. When I told them I was donating 100% of the sales to the National MS Society, that added another level of respect! We’re not keeping any monies earned. We’re just looking to inspire. I hope you’re inspired.

Nixon Nyce feat. Lola ‘No Pain’

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