He’s baaaaa-aaaa-ck.

Truthfully, he never left. After all, Mike Doughty’s last album was released not even two years ago. However, any new music from the singer-songwriter is an opportunity for celebration, so I now gift you with “Na Na Nothing”, the first single from his new album Yes and Also Yes, which is due 8/30.

I’ll let Mike himself talk about the song’s somewhat-odd collaborators:

“It was written with Dan Wilson, Nikki Sixx (?!) and Matt Gerrard, who wrote much of “High School Musical” (?!). Well, technically written with them. Long story. I’ll blog it eventually.”

Someone hold him to this. I want to know the story.

In addition to the tour he’ll be embarking on to help promote Yes and Also Yes, you might also want to check out Dubious Luxury, his electronic music side project. Details are coming soon. You’ve always got to stay on your toes when you’re a member of Team Doughty! Oh crap, there’s a book coming soon, too! See what I mean!

Na Na Nothing by MegaforceRecords


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