I’ll admit. I don’t know a heck of a lot about Best Coast. I’ve heard a couple of songs on the recommendations of friends, but nothing’s really stuck with me. However, I was going through my Google Reader and I saw two words that caught my interest: Drew and Barrymore. Just so you know, I have a massive crush on Drew Barrymore, as evidenced by the fact that I would blog about a video just because she directed it. The hit actress takes the directorial reigns for the L.A. band’s new video, “Our Deal”, and it’s a pretty cool clip. There’s lots of “West Side Story”-esque (or “Beat It”, if you’re a generation younger) theatrics happening here. There’s also a couple of actor-types starring in the video? Some I know (“Community”‘s Donald Glover, “Arrested Development”‘s Alia Shawkat, and some I’m not aware of (I know who Taylor Momsen is, but I couldn’t pick her out of a lineup, and I’ve never watched an episode of “Teen Wolf” in my life, so I’ve no clue who Tyler Posey is. I bet Jesse does, though.)

Anyway, the video’s super cute in a retro kinda way, and the song’s not bad, either. “Our Deal” comes from Best Coast’s Crazy for You album, which came out last year.

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