As you know, no one is a bigger fan of Neil Finn than I am (some of my savvier Popdose peeps will get that reference.) I’ve followed him through twists and turns and side projects for a quarter century, and have very rarely left even slightly disappointed. The New Zealand-born singer/songwriter’s most recent project is called Pajama Club-you may remember we posted a piece on their first single “From a Friend to a Friend” a few weeks back.

Pajama Club’s self-titled debut album arrives in about six weeks (September 13th), but until then, why don’t you feast your ears on “These Are Conditions”, a rumbling, groove-heavy (or at least groove-heavier than the songs that you’re accustomed to from the Finn family) jam that bodes well for the quality of this upcoming project. I even hear a little bit of Prince on this song-the percussion track sounds very Sign o’ the Times-ey.

Grab a listen to “These Are Conditions” here.

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