I told you it was gonna happen and it did. Less than 24 hours after last week’s 2nd half of 2011 preview post went up, the almighty Will Haven bestowed upon the masses a brand new song in the form of “Mida’s Secret”. This is important for three main reasons: It’s the first taste from Voir Dire (Due October 11), It’s their first new song in almost 4 years, and most importantly, it’s the first new studio music that original singer Grady Avenell has sung on in almost 10 years.

I think it’s an understatement when I tell you how excited I am for this album to finally be released. But how’s the song? Is it everything I hoped and dreamed for? Was it worth the long wait to have Grady behind the mic again? I counter with a resounding “Fuck yes!”. In just two minutes and fifty three seconds, Grady and co. (Including Slipknot’s Chris Fehn on bass) have picked up the pummeling pieces from Carpe Diem‘s closer “Moving To Mountain” and continued their journey as if no time had passed.

“Mida’s Secret” is not a song stuck 10 years in the past, though. Make no mistake about that. It’s Will Haven 2011, baby. And it is glorious! Jeff Irwin’s singular guitar line starts things off until the low-end bombast, complemented so well by Mitch Wheeler’s pounding on the kit, cuts in to make way for that familiar howl behind the microphone declaring that Grady Avenell is indeed back. There’s a bass line in the middle underneath a spoken word part that you’d think was  just the icing on the cake but then the song gets better as Avenell delivers a gut wrenching scream that leads into the outro breakdown.

Will Haven is heavy music at its finest. Listen to “Mida’s Secret” and tell me I’m wrong. If you liked Will Haven before, this taste of things to come will not disappoint. For the unconverted, know this: Voir Dire is the ONLY heavy album you need to own his year.


Will Haven - Mida's Secret by Bielerbros

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