1. White Lies-Ritual: This one’s gonna be on my year-end list for sure. Been listening to it since it came out in January 2011and I’m sure I would be listening to it if it came out in January of 2001. Must-own album. Pop, goth, new wave, ’80’s.

2. Crowbar-Sever The Wicked Hand: Riff-tastic. The best metal album this year until the new Will Haven comes out in October šŸ™‚

3. Childish Gambino 2011 EP: My favorite hip-hop to come out in a long time. Never mind the fact that it’s Donald Glover from Community, it’s just great hip-hop. Period. Oh, and see him live if you can.

4. KMFDM-WTF?! Awesome. Just fucking awesome. KMFDM are back in a big way. Best album from them in a long time.

5. Daniel Tosh-Happy Thoughts/Mike Birbiglia-Sleepwalking With Me: There will be no funnier comedy albums than these 2 for the rest of 2011. ‘Nuff Said.

6. Brendan Perry-Ark: My favorite half of Dead Can Dance. World mixed with electronica mixed with some goth. It’s sublime.

7. Ulterior-Wild In Wildlife: Bauhaus and Sisters of Mercy and Joy Division walked into a bar…

8. OhGr-Undeveloped: I have a lot of industrial/goth on my list, don’t I? And a new Skinny Puppy record in the fall? Score!

9. J.Lo-Love? Yep, I said it. Have you heard the single? Can Pitbull ever make a bad hook? And that song “Papi”? AND her judging stint on Idol? J.Lo is back!


10. Middle Class Rut-No Name Color: Came out at the tail end of 2010 but I only just discovered ’em. Super duo brining the rawk.


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