Get four supreme music nerds to do a podcast, and how long do you think they’re gonna talk? Well, when I, fellow PBs Mike Duquette and Dr. Gonzo (Zack Stiegler) got together with Popdose’s Michael Parr for an in-depth discussion about the life and music of Michael Jackson, we emerged dazed and sweaty over three hours later. My condition would be exacerbated by a case of food poisoning just a couple short hours after the podcast wrapped, but that’s another story. Our delightful conversation touched on everything from our individual musical obsessiveness to lighthearted digs at Duquette’s age relatively to the rest of us (let’s just say he’s the baby of this dysfunctional musical family.) Even though the youngest Mike was the target of some jokes, I totally tip my hat to the fact that he was able to edit the hours of yammering into a tight show coming in at less than an hour.

Of course, you know that means that there’s also several hours of bonus footage just waiting to be used. Keep your eye on this site, for at some point in the near future those outtakes will surface. And you will love them.

Meantime, why don’t you check out what the four of us had to say on the Popdose version of a “very special episode” which is dedicated to the King of Pop.

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