Today marks the second anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death. It’s only right that we turn the site over to an appreciation of the King of Pop today.

Michael Jackson is the single most important entertainment figure to emerge in my lifetime, and while his death was certainly a tragic event, lone fortunate thing you can take away from it is that it once again focused people’s attention on his talent and not his eccentricities.

There are quite a few people out there who think the magic stopped with Thriller, and that simply ain’t the case. While Michael could’ve certainly used a self-edit button after the success of his magnum opus, there were still quite a few moments of genius in the grooves of Bad, Dangerous, Invincible, and even HIStory (my least favorite MJ album). The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit challenged me to make a playlist of worthwhile Michael songs post-Thriller, and you can check out my selections here. Truthfully, I could have made this list twice as long, and I should have probably added the song I’m listening to right now!

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