Maroon 5 make me wanna dance!

I’m a casual fan of Adam Levine and company. I think I own one album by them? I watch The Voice. He’s my favorite judge. But again, I’m a casual fan. “Moves Like Jagger” is the kind of song that would prompt me to become something more than a casual fan, though.

Did I mention that fellow The Voice judge Christina Aguilera lends her spectacular pipes to the bridge? The song takes the best bits of “Dirrty”-era Aguilera and combines it with Disco, Funk, and Rock to make, hands down, the sexiest song of 2011. Forget JT. Forget what I said about Boots Electric. Levine and Aguilera are where it’s at. And can you imagine the beautiful babies they would make if this duet led to more?

“Take Me By The Tongue And I’ll Know You/Kiss Me ‘Til You’re Drunk And I’ll Show You/All The Moves Like Jagger/I’ve Got Moves Like Jagger”

My Gahd.


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