About a week and a half ago, our buddy Chris presented me with a list of ten Rush songs to listen to. This list was made to suck me into the dark side give me a greater appreciation of the Canadian rock giants. Being not too familiar with their music (with the obvious exception of “Tom Sawyer”, I was pretty intrigued to check out their music.

So…what did I think?

Well, head on over to Gray Flannel Suit and check out my “rebuttal”, Did Geddy Lee’s voice send me running for the hills? Were the changing time signatures and lengthy synthesizer solos too much for me to bear? Did my notoriously ADD-addled self face the prospect of listening to a 10-minute song and spontaneously combust? The answer’s all in the article, folks.

…and make sure you come back in a couple days and check out Part 2-in which I try to convince Chris that Michael Jackson was worth listening to post-“Thriller”.

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