Unfortunate name aside, female rapper Rye Rye looks like someone to watch in the coming months. Coming from that noted hip-hop hotbed, Baltimore (it’s a joke…work with me, people) Rye Rye comes from the Diplo/Switch/M.I.A. camp- a group that has the hipster camp locked down and is making moves towards mainstream success. They’ve been trying to get her project off for a couple of years now, but there have been label issues, and the campaign was thrown off when Rye Rye turned up pregnant a while back.

Now, her official debut project is just about ready for launch and the single and video for  “Never Will Be Mine” has hit written all over it. As an MC, Rye Rye stands somewhere between Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Mama. This song is sugary enough to resonate with teenage girls, while the presence of Robyn on the song’s chorus (using a bit from her own “Be Mine!”) is sure to entice the too-cool-for-school crowd. Actually, I see this track elevating the profile of both artists-especially seeing as they’ll both be supporting Katy Perry on her summer tour.

One thing, though. I love Robyn, but man, she’s looking like Casper the Friendly Ghost these days! Seriously Nordic!

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