As I was trolling Twitter last night, I think I saw ?uestlove make an offer to De La Soul’s Posdnous…the offer to produce De La Soul’s next album. A De La/Roots collaboration? I’m surprised the whole internet didn’t get sprayed by the jizz that flew out of me when I thought of the possibility of something as momentous actually happening. What do you think the chances are of it really coming to fruition?

On to other news: Mike Doughty has a busy schedule up ahead. His new solo album, Yes & Also Yes (which I’ve heard already and is DOPE) is scheduled for release in the fall, he’s allegedly got a book scheduled for release at the top of 2012, and his “live” (?) album, Busking, has been released on iTunes. The set was recorded at the 14th Street/Union Square subway station in New York City, and all the ambient noise that you’d expect from a recording made in a subway station features on the album. Doughty is also hitting the road with a band for the first time in four years! Does this mean the end of the question jar?

Also releasing a new album this fall, the excellent Van Hunt. The album is called what were you hoping for? and will contain the Ohio-born singer/songwriter’s signature meld of soul, funk and rock. While the new song “June” will not appear on the album, Van’s decided to release it to the public via The Huffington Post, where the song made it’s debut a couple days ago. If he’s leaving stuff like “June” off the album, can you imagine how good the stuff that actually makes it will be?

On a more serious note, it appears that the man who robbed and shot Tupac Shakur back in 1994 is finally confessing to his crime. A guy named Dexter Isaac, currently in prison serving life, says that he was paid by entertainment manager James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond to shoot ‘Pac in a studio entryway shortly before ‘Pac was convicted on assault charges, leading to the rapper/actor’s incarceration for most of the following year.

This is not the first time Rosemond has been implicated in an issue regarding ‘Pac. According to multiple accounts, Rosemond was in the hotel suite with Tupac and the woman he allegedly sexually assaulted when the crime took place, and ‘Pac implied several times that Rosemond set him up. Allegedly, the ‘Pac/B.I.G. beef that eventually claimed the lives of both rappers was started when ‘Pac saw B.I.G. and Puff Daddy associating with Rosemond. It’s obviously a tangled web to take apart, but it’s worth asking what this guy would have to gain by implicating himself in the crime, since he’s already serving time in prison. Add the fact that Henchman is generally bad news (currently the subject of a federal investigation for cocaine trafficking, he’s most famous for being the manager of The Game and having an active role in the Game/G-Unit beef), and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Isaac’s claim turned out to be true. Will this lead us closer to finding out who killed Biggie or ‘Pac? Probably not. But it’s still proof that eventually-people talk.

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