Yeah, he’s stillmatic.

Despite releasing an excellent collaboration album with Damian Marley last year, Nas has been in the headlines more recently for gossip rag-type stuff. The controversy he faced upon titling his last solo album Nigger (later changed to Untitled after allegedly catching flak from his record label…I’d be more inclined to believe it was all a publicity stunt), drama with his now ex-wife Kelis, major financial woes and the typical rapper label woes (remember the open letter to Def Jam last year?)

Dude just needs to put the drama aside and RHYME. His upcoming album, Life is Good, doesn’t have a release date yet, but he’s recently teased us with a new song simply entitled “Nasty”. Talk about truth in advertising. He’s got no message, no motive, he’s just rapping his ass off for 3 minutes and change. This is real, New York City, grab-your-dick hip-hop, and it’s what he does best. I hope the rest of Life is Good follows suit.

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