I feel like it was just last week (OK, maybe it was two weeks ago) that the video for “California King Bed” premiered and now Rihanna is back with a somewhat controversial clip for “Man Down”, the reggae-spiced single from her platinum Loud album.

I hate to be the spoiler, but the basic concept of the video is that Rihanna winds up shooting a man who tried to sexually assault her, running in contrast to the song’s lyrics, in which the “shooting” is metaphorical (I think). While I feel like a lot of the hubbub is manufactured (like a lot of “controversies” are these days), the video has nonetheless got some tongues wagging. Of course, it’s not acceptable to take anyone else’s life, no matter what they do to you, but let’s be real, folks. It’s a video. She’s acting. Granted, Rihanna playing the role of assault victim probably hits a bit close to home considering her history, but the video is still fantasy…

…and a pretty dope video as well. Loud has made a return to my regular music rotation following a couple month lull. I’d be OK with Rihanna doing an entire album with dark reggae/dub roots. Not that sunny “Pon De Replay” shit, but material similar to “Man Down”? Hell yeah, I’m in.

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