I’ve got to give props to team Cee-Lo Green. They have been trying their damndest to give the man some recognition beyond the “Fuck You” song. Unfortunately, although The Lady Killer is an excellent album (and “FU” isn’t even the best-or second best-song on it), the shadow of that song looms so large that it’s been a serious struggle getting anything else noticed.

Enter “I Want You”, which is The Lady Killer‘s (counts…) fourth single? Fifth? At any rate, it’s been given a pop-friendly sheen in the remixed version featured in this video (which I’m not too crazy about ) so as hopefully to get an edge on Top 40 radio. The video itself is typical Cee-Lo wackiness. Mr. Green seems to be fully on to this Liberace/Elton John schtick, and the late Master of the Candelabra would surely be tickled by this video.

Will it unlock the door to success once and for all for Cee-Lo? I mean, look. The guy’s plenty successful as is. He’s got a fifteen year legacy (although his mainstream success kinda makes him look like a one-hit wonder) and now folks have invited him into their living rooms as a cast member of “The Voice”. I guess you can’t blame Cee-Lo’s management and label for trying to ensure that some of those same people who tune in to the voice (or the 4 million people who downloaded “Fuck You”) check out his other work.

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