Last week’s column looked at a Billboard Music Awards show from the past, this week’s show takes you right into 2011.

I’m not sad that I missed the live telecast of this year’s show-by all accounts (and when I say “by all accounts”, I mean everyone that I follow on Twitter), it was pretty forgettable. Hell, any show that boasts two live performances from Britney Spears probably isn’t worth two or three hours of your time. Ya dig?

However, one of the show’s bright lights (ha! Punny!) apparently belonged to Cee-Lo Green’s performance, so I decided to check on YouTube and see if anyone had uploaded the part of the show in which he was featured.

Lo and behold…

Someone on Twitter wondered if Cee-Lo was on the verge of becoming the black Elton John after watching this and his performance at the Grammys earlier this year. Looking at ‘Lo’s wardrobe, I can see where that comparison would be made. He’s in great voice for this medley of “Crazy”, “Bright Lights Big City” and “The Song Otherwise Known as Forget You”, but what really kills me about this performance is the levitating piano that Cee-Lo is seated at. Not only because I’ve never seen a piano levitate before, but also, how strong did that contraption have to be in order to lift Cee-Lo’s big ass into the air? Hope no one had to maneuver that manually!!

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