Those of you who follow GG’s “American Idol” wrap-ups every week on this site are probably also aware that he posts a results day blog on As I’m sure many of you know by now, teenager Scotty McCreery won the competition. As someone who didn’t watch a single episode of the show this year (GG’s posts were entertaining enough for me), I’m wondering if Scotty has what it takes to become a superstar in the vein of a Carrie Underwood or Kelly Clarkson-or whether we’re looking at another Lee DeWyze/Kris Allen situation. As we’ve discussed on podcasts prior, maybe something needs to be done to limit those who go crazy with the texting and calling in to vote (most of whom seem to be teenage girls who would vote for someone like Scotty). I can’t say whether the talent pool has gotten worse, but it definitely seems like the more legitimately talented contestants are getting voted out earlier and earlier each year, and the voting public seems stuck on the safe bet. Scotty’s single is #1 on iTunes right now, which bodes well for his future-plus, he has the industry firepower of Jimmy Iovine behind him.

Today is Lenny Kravitz’s birthday, and the rocker celebrated by letting us know that his new album, Black & White America, will be released on August 30th. Second single “Stand” goes to radio in about a week and a half. I’ve always been a Lenny fan, despite the fact that his albums have been amazingly inconsistent over the years. The album’s leadoff track, “Come On & Get It” premiered during NBA All-Star weekend, and the response was quite muted (because, quite frankly, the song fucking sucked). I’m hoping Lenny can get it together and make a good album, although why do we have to wait three whole months for it?

We only have to wait a few short weeks for Beyonce’s fourth album (appropriately entitled 4). The album comes out on June 21st. While the response to first single “Run the World (Girls)” has been (deservedly) muted, she premiered a new song called “1 + 1” on “Idol” last night. GG mentioned it in his SonicClash post, and I’ve got to agree with him-this song is much, MUCH better than “Run the World” is. She also announced the track listing for the 12-song set, and I must say that I’m surprised to see only one guest performer (and what a guest performer it is-the too often M.I.A. Andre 3000). I’m all for discovering new sounds, but let’s hope that B’s new album sounds a little more like “1 + 1” and not so much like “Run the World”

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