Come on Miami, rolling around on the floor and crying after you won a 2nd round series. Really? LeBron said it was so emotional because they finally got over the hump by beating Boston. If beating Boston while Rondo, Garnett, West, and both O’Neals were injured is getting over the hump that’s fine, but do it with a little class. Chicago stomped Atlanta and just calmly walked off the court. Act like you’ve been there before.
For those Knicks fans who were annoyed that Jamal Crawford was in the running for 6th man of the year the last 2 years, his 3 2nd-round playoff games where he shot under 20% (all losses) should be a good reminder as to why we let him go. 

If the rumors are true that LA could have gotten Carmelo for Bynum then the Lakers messed up big time. Bynum had 2 really good playoff games total, misses about 20 games a season and is now suspended for the first 5 games of next season. I’m so sick of the ‘he’s got potential’ argument.
How many of these potential guys have actually worked out? They are either good or they are not good. I can’t remember a guy suddenly becoming really good after 5+ years in the league of mediocrity.

The 2005 all-star team, ehem, the Dallas Mavericks are looking like favorites to come out of the west after the majority of people picked them to lose in the first round. If you told me Peja would be a large part of their success I would have called you a liar or an idiot or both, but he’s swung more than one playoff game in Dallas’ favor so far. Oh, and Dirk is unstoppable. Always has been, I don’t know why he gets as much crap from basketball fans as he does. There have been what, 4 players ever to average 25 and 10 for their career in the playoffs?

It was a great run for the Grizzlies but it finally came to an end in a game 7 that was never really close. I kept waiting for the Grizz to go on a run, but their shots didn’t start falling until the game was already decided. Be proud Grizz fans, you went a hell of a lot farther than anyone thought you would. And if you can resign Marc Gasol you will have your top 8 in tact for at least 2 more years, plus Gay will be back next season.

The Thunder finally put the Grizzlies away. Harden and Collison were huge in game 7. They are going to have to continue to contribute in the conference finals if this is going to be a series. Ibaka seems to have a knee problem so expect to see a lot more Collison in the conference finals. Also, Westbrook and Durant looked like they were getting along just fine in game 7, something which a lot of people thought was going to be a problem. This is bad news for Dallas.

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