Girls-they run the world!! So Beyonce says, and Episode 4 of Blerd Radio puts that theory to the test.

With five people talking in one room, things get a little interesting-aside from Blerd and Jesse, we are joined by Mrs. Jesse, Jesse’s BFF *sniff* Matt Cameron, bass player for Jack Burton vs. David Lo Pan and Matt’s wife, Liz. The girls lead us through a feisty few rounds of Fuck, Kill, Marry, we discuss the new releases of the week, Jesse gets a massive industrial hard-on, we talk some “Idol”, “Glee” and “The Voice”, and basically have a merry old time.

In commemoration of the sheer number of people in this week’s episode (and because finding the time to edit this week has been close to impossible), enjoy the entire, uncut episode, and we’ll see ya in two weeks!

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