Yes! Anthemic Korn is back.

Look back on the Bakersfield band’s rich history (Yes, it’s rich) with the just released Essential 2-CD set and then look to the future with new single “Get Up” also out today.

Sure, things have changed over the years and they’re down to only three original members but one thing is for sure, the song still remains insane.

Released today on Itunes as a prelude to the upcoming June digital EP, “Get Up” is “classic” late ’90’s-style Korn with some industrial grind thanks to Skrillex. Think Untouchables and Issues and songs like “Did My Time”, “Here To Stay”, and “Falling Away From Me”. Still with me?

“Shut the fuck up. Get up!” Simple, sweet, and to the point. Jonathan Davis still knows how to deliver an aggressive line with ferocity and authenticity. Everything you want in your nu-metal, right? Y’know, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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