While I think many people still think of Rihanna as a pop singles artist, her albums have gotten progressively stronger and stronger. Loud is a pretty solid piece of work. I’ve not listened to it as much recently, if only because I’ve been deluged with music from everywhere else, but seeing the video for the set’s fourth single, “California King Bed”, reminds me that I need to give the record a re-listen. A straight-up pop/rock ballad (I could see Pink singing this), it’s arguably one of Rihanna’s all-time best vocal performances. The video, thankfully, is not as overtly (and unnecessarily) sexual as clips past. It’s tasteful, Rihanna (sorta) keeps her clothes on, and even makes a case for herself as an actress. She’s staking her claim even more towards being the new Princess of Pop (even though there’s a helluva lot of competition). To sum up-totally digging this. Check it out for yourself.

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