I have had the pleasure of getting to check out singer/songwriter Jennie Arnau in a live setting, and believe me when I tell you she KILLS. Her singing can best be described by the word “wrenching”. Although she’s not a soul singer in the most commonly accepted definition of the term, the songs she writes and performs are definitely emanating from the heart and soul.

Jennie is now in the process of following up 2009’s Chasing Giants album, and she’s decided to fund the recording process in a way that many artists have turned to in these uncertain times for the record industry. Enter PledgeMusic which is a site to help artists fund their projects while also donating a portion of the proceeds to charity (The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, to be specific).Your pledges will help Jennie and her band record a new album as well as support her upcoming tour. In return, fans who contribute will be the first to receive the download of the new album when it’s released, and will also gain access to exclusive updates. Click on the link at the top of this article; it leads directly to her website, where you can find out more about her as well as PledgeMusic.

In addition, Jennie is looking for a title for the CD, which will be a mixture of re-recorded older material and new material. Come up with something meaningful (or colorful) and I’m sure Jennie and her camp will appreciate it muchly!

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  • jennie arnau
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