It’s been four years since Modest Mouse released a full-length album (the excellent We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank), and while the band has toured pretty exhaustively as recently as last year, fans like me are still foaming at the mouth for new music from Isaac Brock, Johnny Marr and company.

Well, there’s been no official announcement of a new album yet, but there are signs that point towards new music being made. Check out this video interview that took place at lead singer Isaac Brock’s house. Not that I didn’t think Brock was a little off his meds before, but his obsession with taxidermy is a little bit creepy. If I was in this dude’s crib and there were all kinds of stuffed animals staring at me…let’s just say I’d be making a fairly quick beeline for the door. Taxidermy aside, Brock comes off as a strangely endearing character. Maybe it’s the lisp.

Oh! The important part-a new Modest Mouse song! Or at least a portion of one. The song sounds good-let’s hope this leads into new music and a tour-SOON!

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