Not totally sure I’m on team Bon Iver yet, but this site isn’t called “What the Blerd Likes”, so I’m here to give y’all the news whether my socks are getting knocked off or not. I will say that the multiple guest appearances on Kanye’s excellent My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy have put Justin Vernon and crew on my radar a lot more than he/they were before.  I checked out For Emma, Forever Ago a couple months ago and just wasn’t feeling it-won’t deny Justin’s talent, though, and maybe his upcoming second album will hit me differently.

Album #2 for Bon Iver is self-titled and scheduled for release this coming June (May and June are shaping up to be pretty big months for releases). Pretty interesting track listing, too…most of the song titles seem to take their names from places, something that seems to be pretty big amongst the indie set. Maybe that’s some hipster code I just don’t know about. Anyhow, track listing’s below. Who knows? Maybe Yeezy will return the favor.

Bon Iver Track Listing

‘Minnesota, WI’
‘Hinnom, TX’
‘Lisbon, OH’

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