I’m going to miss Paul, the drunken sailor. Not a lot, but I’ll miss him.

Let’s get right to the hotlist.

1. Lauren Alaina – To me, she’s the leader in the clubhouse.
2. Jacob Lusk – Jacob needs to stay consistent. He obviously has an audience.
3. Scotty McCreery – Did he peak too soon?
4. James Durbin – James needs to kill it one of these upcoming weeks.
5. Casey Abrams – His fans saved him last week.
6. Stefano Langone – Stefano keeps getting worse, which isn’t the goal.
7. Haley Reinhart – Hot mess.

The Defeated
1. Poor Young Ashthon Jones
2. Poor Karen Rodriguez
3. Poor Naima Adedapo
4. Poor Thia Megia
5. Poor Pia Toscano
6. Poor Paul McDonald

J. Lo Booty Alert
J. Lo looks amazing and did the turn to wave behind her again, but the shorts weren’t doing her justice. Still waiting for the tight white pants.

The six defeated contestants sing together with the five girls starting it out like they were a 5-girl broke ass Destiny’s Child. And then Paul came out and did his thing. The entire thing was terrible. I almost forgot Karen was once a contestant.

Scotty McCreery is singing Swingin’ and it’s not the song from Dino. If so, he’d say, “Baby, you sure are swingin'”. Instead, Scotty is definitely doing Scotty. I’m not sure this is the song that’s going to separate him from the pack. Steven says he liked it and wanted him to boot scoot a little more. J. Lo says it’s time to pull out the big guns and they were expecting more. Randall says it was safe and boring.

tati1120 says:

A Real critique.. I like this. #idol

James Durbin is singing Uprising and he wants to be contemporary. He’s going Adam Lambert on us with his jacket. I’m not sure this song really allows him to let his voice go, which is his big spot. It’s not an Idol-like song and thus, he had to make all these ugly faces to try to make the performance. J. Lo says it was really amazing. Randall says he was unbelievable. Steven says he looked like Mad Max meets stormtroopers on Melrose and says he’s out of his mind, beautifully so.

elliehempleman says:

I love Muse, but james durbin, this isn’t good. PS quit trying to be like Adam Lambert. It’s kind of getting old and predictable.

Haley Reinhart is singing Adele’s Rolling In The Deep. Ouch, I’m not sure you can sing Adele right now. I don’t hate this at all. Her gear and performance was a bit subdued and it worked. Randall says she chose a perfect direction for her. Steven says it was beautiful. J. Lo says she brought some Haley to it and that’s where she shined.

supagirlwonder says:

Haley covering Adele? Well, she’s not Adele.

phreddd says:

GO ON, HALEY!! #americanidol #idol #idol10

Jacob Lusk is singing Luther’s Dance With My Father. His father passed away when he was younger too. He’s going to kill this one. I hope he doesn’t overdo it with the drama, even though it’s going to be very real. I want this dude to stick around. He did a really good job with it, but it wasn’t as good as I expected. Steven calls him Luther Lusk and he says it was a beautiful thing. J. Lo says emotionally it was beautiful. Randall says vocally it was good, but it didn’t make him jump up and down.

dysfashional says:

America is so going to lullaby #JacobLusk tonight #AmericanIdol #Idol10 #NewJackCity

greenstatw says:

#IDOL10 Jacob’s “Dance with My Father Again” LOVED IT!!! I got emotional.

Casey Abrams is singing Harder To Breathe. I’m kind of excited for this. Vocally, he sounds interestingly like Justin Timberlake on this take. I think he let it get away from him a little bit, but he was having fun. And he even kissed J. Lo on the cheek before his last lyric. That was money. J. Lo says she loved the performance. Randall says he enjoys Casey’s surprises and wants him to continue to take chances. Steven says, well, I don’t know what he said because they had to use the dump button on him for most of what he said.

mrbjorke says:

This song proves that Casey Abrams can be a 21st century artist. Crazy good musicality. “Harder To Breathe” suits him #idol10

Stefano Langone is singing Closer by Neo. I’m interested in this one. Ok, he doesn’t have the chops to sing the song and he’s trying to bump and grind like an R. Kelly song. His dance moves looked like if Usher danced with a speech impediment. This was Chippendales bad. Sorry homey, but you’re not sticking around with performances like that. Randall says he did a good job and worked the dance steps out. Steven says it was good and he liked the dance steps. J. Lo says he had his swag going on.

aerocat says:

Ew, Stefano. This is your week to finally go home. #AmericanIdol

My girl Lauren Alaina hits clean-up tonight. She’s singing Born To Fly. I think Lauren’s been watching too much Jersey Shore. She hit the fake and bake pretty hard this week. Her performance was solid as expected. The song seemed a bit easy for her, but I imagine she’ll get great marks to close out the show. Steven says she’s so good naturally. J. Lo says she has so much character in her voice. Randall says it was a cool performance, but she needs to challenge herself. These judges really want her to win.

slaubr says:

Unlike Scotty, Lauren makes me enjoy country music. #Idol10

jflorez says:

Lauren can win this, but not with tonight’s performance. Too safe. But she isn’t going anywhere this week. #idol #idol10

cake_gal says:

Lauren finally found some confidence on the stage #Idol10

Unfortunately, I think my boy Stefano has seen the end of the line. Teflon Haley and Casey are probably going to be with him in the bottom three only because they always seem to be, but they deserve to stick around. They both did really well. Seacrest out!

Photo via Randy Jackson’s twitter account

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