Of course, I could answer this really easily and say if you want to know about the Charlie River Band, just check them out at Copperfield’s on Friday. But for the benefit of those who can’t just head over to a Boston bar, we’re gonna give ya a little education. Besides, I like explaining shit.

Despite whatever similarities they might have in nomenclature to a certain soft-rock band about the Seventies and Eighties, there’s nothing Yacht-rocky about the CRB. If you check out their debut album, Bang (which came out last September), you might get a couple different vibes. You’ll hear a bit of Sublime, you’ll get a little jam band flavor, you’ll catch some serious guitar work courtesy of Tom Barry (who has some serious face-melting capabilities on his instrument), you might even catch a little of the blues (the musical genre, not the depressive disorder).

Live, the band spices up their original material with a healthy amount of covers, ranging from the fairly obvious (“Badfish” often makes an appearance) to the maybe not-so-obvious (Traffic’s “Medicated Goo or Live’s “Lightning Crashes” might wind up on the setlist, and last time I saw them, they played a neat little version of the J5’s “I Want You Back”. I’d like to think it was because I was present). The guys gig around Boston quite a bit, so make sure you check out their website and Facebook page for dates. You can also catch them on Unregular Radio tomorrow afternoon, or, if you just want to kick it old school, buy their album (available on their site) or check out the video below!

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