Do you miss the ass-kickery of Pantera? Lynyrd Skynyrd not hard enough for ya? Is the 2011 line-up of Crowbar a little too slimmed down from the ’90’s version you grew up with? Miss Zakk Wylde’s Pride & Glory?

Sounds like you’re in serious need of Texas Hippie Coalition, my friend!

I know, I know. You’re skeptical of a metal band with “Hippie” in the title, right? So was I. One listen through their debut Rollin, though, and you’ll be a convert to the cause.

Released last year on Carved Records, THC deliver a fuzzed out hybrid of Pantera-style metal with southern fried boogie a la ZZ Top. “Intervention” gets things “Rollin” with a fuzzed out bass and a drum groove Vinnie Paul would be proud of. Vocalist ‘Big Dad’ Ritch keeps every song fresh with a delivery somewhere between Zakk Wylde and Phil Anselmo that switches from soulful (“Groupie Girl”) to skull-crushing (“Jesus Freak”) with ease.

One of the best metal singles within the past year has to be “Pissed Off And Mad About It”. It’s so simple and brutal but you’ll still find yourself banging your head along to it with glee. Then there’s the back-to-back bruisers “Back From Hell” and “Beg” that close the album in epic metal fashion. “Back From Hell” is ass-kickin’ metal at its best that features some Wylde/Dimebag signature guitar wails while “Beg” is THC’s answer to “Cemetery Gates”.

Although no band will ever replace Pantera, Texas Hippie Coalition have come up with a formula that takes the beloved Texas band to “A New Level” without disrespecting their legacy. Screw Hellyeah, this is what real deal Texas metal is all about!



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