As one of hip-hop’s longest running hitmaking acts (second only to former labelmate LL Cool J), the Beastie Boys would be totally within their right to rest on their laurels and coast. Thankfully, they’re not-not even after MCA’s cancer scare a couple of years ago. With Hot Sauce Committee, Vol. 2 about a month away from release, the trio has unleashed the first single from the album, “Make Some Noise”.  Mike and the Adams aren’t reinventing the wheel at all-it’s prototypical Beasties, but it sounds so good it doesn’t matter. After taking a second to make a true throwback album with their NYC tribute To the Five Boroughs (I can’t believe it’s been so long since that album was released), the Beasties go on a bit of a funky tangent with a loose-limbed groove that recalls the 70s funk of bands like War, while the three emcees toss around non-sequiturs in their typical fashion. Love the song, really excited for the album, and glad that Yauch has made it all the way back. You can hear the song in full on the Beastie Boys’ blog.

“Make Some Noise” is also being featured in the trailer for “Fight for Your Right Revisited”, their new short film which promises to be amazingly awesome. John C. Reilly? Check. Will Ferrell? Check. Ted Danson? Check. Will Fucking Arnett? Check, check, check.

Hot Sauce Committee comes out May 3rd. The short film will hopefully follow soon behind.

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