The….race for 8th in the East (ed. note: Do we really wanna call this a *race*?) (AKA the team who gets to be swept by the Bulls in the 1st round) is just about over. And the winner is….The Bobcats because they get to avoid the brutal beatdown the Bulls are going to provide.

I hope you like the teams that are in the playoffs this year because the only lottery teams I can see even possibly making it next year are Milwaukee, LAC, and Houston.

I know it’s bad PR but please trade Steve Nash in the offseason. If Sarver is going to blow up a team that was 2 wins away from the NBA finals, why torture Nash by keeping him around to deal with the fallout?

Buy low, sell high. This simple real estate concept also works in the NBA. Unfortunately the Pistons have never heard of this term before.

Washington has put together a ton of young talent and should be a team to reckon with in the near future. Just kidding, they stink. Other than Wall (and I’m worried about his knee already) and McGee they have a lot of garbage. At least they have the Redskins and the Nationals….is D.C. built on an indian burial ground?

Mr. Kardashian on New Jersey came out of nowhere and has been one of the league leader in rebounds the last two months. Never thought I’d say this but Humphries might be a nice piece for the Nets to keep going forward.

Cleveland lost on Sunday against the Knicks, finishing the season series against them 3-1. Now I’m only very embarrassed instead of completely.

If you are in Anaheim are you excited to get an NBA team or do you realize it’s the Kings and you probably won’t see a playoff game unless you drive to LA?

I have nothing to say about Utah, other than they are bad and getting worse and I think Jefferson and Favors are both overrated.

Make sure you’re checking out Jay’s Knicks podcast!

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