It took them three whole weeks to use the save. When Casey was on the chopping block, the judges decided that he was too good to let go this early in the season. I sort of agree. But I disagree with using the save this early because there is going to come a time when they’ll need to save Jacob or Pia. I think we’re about three weeks from the week when all the 18-year old girls simply turn on Pia for being boring, pretty, boring, and then pretty. While I think Casey is good, I don’t think he’s winning the show, and have a feeling that he’ll be out of there before we get to the top five. The judges are going to regret it.

Let’s get to the hotlist.

1. Jacob Lusk – No matter how bad the backlash is, he’s the best singer in the competition hands down.
2. Lauren Alaina – If Simon were on this show, I think he’d pick on her a bit and get the most out of her.
3. James Durbin – He’s officially Big Game James.
4. Pia Toscano – She’s the pick to win this thing by many people I know.
5. Casey Abrams – His entire fanbase needs to step their game up.
6. Scotty McCreery – Soon, people will ask why he gets to sing country songs the same way every week.
7. Stefano Langone – He took a bit of a step back after killing it the week before.
8. Paul McDonald – I still can’t put my finger on this guy.
9. Naima Adedapo – Keep dancing Naima.
10. Thia Megia – She’s been inconsistent and needs to step it up.
11. Haley Reinhart – Oh baby girl.

The Defeated
1. Poor Young Ashthon Jones
2. Poor Karen Rodriguez

It’s officially Elton John night tonight. If someone decided to sing Measure Of A Man from Rocky 5 tonight, I’d vote for them 100 times. It has to happen.

J. Lo Booty Alert
The dress was short and she looked amazing as usual, but right as she turned around, the camera panned away. FOX, why do you do this to me?

Scotty McCreery is up first and he went with the song that had the word country in it, Country Comfort. I think the comfort part of this song was right. It’s right in his lane, and he looked comfortable on the stage, but it was a little bit boring. Steven says he did it again and gave him a thumbs up. J. Lo says he has amazing instincts. Randall says he’s so comfortable and in the zone.

mrbjorke says:

Scotty knows who he is. That’s something Simon Cowell demands in his artists on these shows. #idol10

It’s Naima Adedapo’s turn and she’s singing I’m Still Standing and she’s going reggae with it. She definitely changed the song, but she just kept repeating the hook, so if she was trying to bring it a different energy, she didn’t do it. It was quite boring. J. Lo says the payoff wasn’t there. Randall says it came off corny. Steven says good for her for picking a song that fit her.

elliehempleman says:

Turning Sir Elton John’s I’m Still Standing into a reggae song is a tragic #fail. #idol10. Give it up Naima, this is horrible.

remotepatrolled says:

Naima’s reggae take on #ImStillStanding – it’s actually not bad… but still think she’s in trouble

Paul McDonald is singing Rocket Man. He looks home here. He’s even wearing a wacky flowered coat, red shirt, and black tie that makes him look like he’s a bull fighter. He did a little bit of Adam Sandler baby talk at the end of the song, but so far, he did the best job. Randall says that they believe. Steven says when he hits every note, he’s not going to be a fan. J. Lo says to keep pushing.

tati1120 says:

I know Paul isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I love his voice. And I loved this.. Thought he did great. #idol

dysfashional says:

#PaulMcDonald thinks he’s on tour. Dude thinks he has time to hold back. Come on pull those Kenny Loggins high notes out your ass #Idol10

Pia Toscano is going back to the ballad and is singing Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me. She sounds like Celine Dion more now than ever. It’s a very nice version of the song and I dig it, but it seems too same same for her. Steven says she did it again. J. Lo says she got goose bumps. Randall says it was unbelievable.

shecare86 says:

Pia is the next american idol for sure! So amazinggg

Stefano Langone is singing Tiny Dancer. I’m digging it. I think I just really enjoy his voice. This seemed to fit his vocals really well. J. Lo says he listened to the judges and really connected with the audience. Randall says he’s right on when he hits the money notes. Steven says he has a little broadway in his voice, but he nailed it.

mrbjorke says:

I don’t know if Stefano is gay enough to be broadway, Steven Tyler…#idol10

Lauren Alaina is next and Ryno says she’s about to take on the best selling song in Billboard history. I guess that takes Measure Of A Man out of the running. Singing Candle In The Wind could be cringe worthy for L-Boogie. I think her raspy voice made this a little different and it has a slight country twist to it, so it’s actually not bad. I think she could’ve done something a lot more fun though. Randall says it was one of Lauren’s greatest performances. Steven says it was the right song. J. Lo says it was amazing and she sounded gorgeous.

phreddd says:

Lauren made that song work. Very pleasant performance, even if she mumbled a bit early. #idol #idol10 #americanidol

Big Game James Durbin is next and now that he has the power of Hulkamania behind him, I expect him to continue to do well. He’s doing Saturday’s Alright For Fighting and he puts his James on it. He excels again and he pumps the crowd up like no one else in this competition. There was even a little bit of fiery piano action. Steven says James has a really good rock voice. J. Lo says it was a full performance. Randall says he enjoys himself and it was a great performance.

gidget says:

And there are flames shooting out of a piano on American Idol. So hilariously awesome.

pennySBDelia says:


Thia Megia is up next and she’s performing Daniel. She says she’s singing to her brother who left her when he went away to what seems to be college. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her performance, but it was definitely the wrong song. I don’t think she believed in her performance either. J. Lo says it was beautiful. Randall says it was safe. Steven says it was the right song.

KimmyEason says:

Oh Thia, it’s time for you to go home… Here #letmehelpyoupack #idol10

Thia just has that look of someone who is going home soon.

Casey Abrams is singing Your Song. Darkchild wants him to trim the beard. Ok, now this is the best song choice of the night. He didn’t sing with that same confidence that he usually sings with, but it was one of the best performances, not only from him, but of the night. Randall says it was a very nice choice and well done. Steven says he would’ve gotten through on just the last two notes alone. J. Lo says it was very Casey.

aerocat says:

Omg, you guys should have seen my reaction to the news that Casey is doing Your Song. My favorite EJ song!!! #AmericanIdol”

mlsoliman says:

Casey looks great and he’s singing well. #idol10

Jacob Lusk is singing Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word. I’m a little worried for him. From a singing standpoint, it rivals James’ performance for the most powerful vocal performance, but it’s only going to make the people who don’t like him, continue not to like him. Steven says he loved the whole thing. J. Lo says it was beautiful and that you don’t see her last note everyday. Randall says to always remember to hit the one spot in the song where he kills it.

Jaanelle143_ says:

Jacob’s last note was long, daaang.

tlewisisdope says:

Jacob Lusk has no competition.

Haley Reinhart is singing Benny And The Jets and this is just bad, real bad Michael Jackson. She and Thia could be goners this week. Her screaming was just annoying. And I like Haley. J. Lo says that was it. Randall says it was the best performance of the night. Steven says that she sings sexy.

HoachX says:

I think I have a crush on Haley. She’s at least 18 right? #Idol10

Jeez, they want to keep her on this show. I think the bottom three will be Naima, Thia, and Haley, but with the judges giving her so much rub, it could be Stefano. Seacrest gout!

Photo of Elton John via Wikipedia and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license

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