We here at Popblerd! are always looking for new concepts, new columns, new writers-and when our buddy Geoff came to us with the idea to write a column about his trading card-collecting childhood, we were super-psyched (also, we’re very excitable, so generally speaking, we’re super-psyched about most things). Geoff has already delivered an inaugural column and everything. However, there’s just one problem. We can’t think of a name for it.

With baseball season literally right around the corner, we’d love to get this column kicked off as soon as possible. So this is where we turn to you, our dear public. Not only would we like you guys to help us come up with a name for Geoff’s column, but we’re gonna give you a freakin’ sweet iTunes gift card ($25 of free music, yo!) for the person with the best column title. The deadline will be this Friday, April 1st, at noon. Send submissions to popblerd1@gmail.com. In the unlikely event that two (or more) people give us identical column names (and we wind up picking that one), the first person to submit the name to us will win. Thank God for timestamps. Let the festivities begin!

Why does Sammy Sosa look like Beaker from the Muppet Show on this baseball card?

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