* I don’t follow college hoops nearly as much as I do the pros, but I have to admire what the Virginia Commonwealth Rams have done in the tourney. This is a college whose last noteworthy pro player was Gerald Henderson, whose last pro was drafted in 1982 and lasted only a year (Edmund Sherod), and who has produced just four players in the entire history of the NBA. Regardless if any of the current guys make the pros, it’s been a great underdog success story for March Madness.

* I can hardly comprehend how badly the Knicks have been playing lately. I wasn’t one of the people who thought they’d become title contenders after a Carmelo deal (see my entry here back on January 10), but I did mention that I thought a Carmelo deal would help them even if their defense wouldn’t be good enough to make them a truly elite team. The Knicks will have to go back to looking long-term again because right now, things aren’t so hot. It’s doubly embarrassing that the Nuggets are playing so well.

* On the other hand, I can easily comprehend how badly the Jazz have been playing lately. They didn’t get a lot of short-term help in the Deron Williams deal, and it’s going to be awhile before players get used to Corbin’s philosophy after all that time with coach Sloan.

* Much has been made of the small market collapse in the NBA. Most of the attention has been focused on stars leaving for bigger markets, but now we are seeing Sacramento in the process of losing the Kings to Anaheim. It’s really quite sad, but what more can be done in this economy?

* The Celtics are nearly dead, at least as far as a championship is concerned. Sorry, Mike and Nathan (and mom), but I foresee a stampede of Bulls in the playoffs the way things are going now.

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