You can never go wrong with some Aretha (well, at least not most of the time), so let’s celebrate her birthday (which was earlier this week) with a clip from the 1980 Grammy Awards. A fine looking QOS turns the crowd out with a version of “I Can’t Turn You Loose”. This was right around the time that Aretha was re-establishing herself into the public conscious following three or four years of albums that weren’t especially successful. I often wonder why she didn’t go on to get more involved in acting following her appearance in “The Blues Brothers”. Whatever chops she may not have possessed, she certainly could’ve learned at the time, seeing as she was married to Glynn Turman. Anyhow, Aretha appears to be back on the comeback trail once again, rescheduling concert dates and announcing a May release for her album “A Woman Falling Out of Love” (which has been promised for almost a decade now). Performances like this are a) why she’s called the Queen of Soul and b) why she has more Grammys than any female artist in history?

This clip also proves that Paul Simon should never host or introduce anything or anyone again.

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