Hmm. This is the only way I see fit to discuss the way I feel about George Michael’s cover of New Order’s “True Faith” and it’s video.

Pros: It’s George Michael (who’s usually awesome), the new arrangement is certainly adventurous, George is looking quite healthy these days, so hopefully he’s off of everything (with the possible exception of the chronic),  the song is a charity release. It might also herald the release of a new album and quite possibly a tour (something that would essentially make me wet myself with joy.)

Cons: George slows the song down so much it’s damn near unrecognizable (shades of his loungey cover of “Roxanne” a decade or so ago, the use/abuse of vocoder/Auto Tune borders on hideous, George is sporting some kind of weird Fu Manchu-esque facial hair (this could also be a pro-I haven’t decided yet), song is not available on iTunes U.S. yet and there’s no clear idea of if or when it will be, George can do so much better, this video was directed by someone who’s had more than his or her share of hallucinogens.

It breaks my heart to say I don’t like something by George Michael, but…man, he can do so much better than this. What do y’all think?

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