Yep, you heard it first (well, actually…you probably didn’t hear it first), Jermaine Jackson will be writing a memoir about his brother Michael, to be released this fall. You Are Not Alone: Michael, Through a Brother’s Eyes is the title of the tome, and you have to wonder how much credibility this book is going to have.

I mean, let’s face it: Jackson books have generally not been very forthcoming- I’ve read Moonwalk, Michael’s autobiography. I read Katherine’s book. I read LaToya’s book. I’ve read Margaret Maldonado (Jermaine’s ex-wife)’s book. I recently read Janet’s book (and will review it on here once I get over the still-pungent taste of disappointment I have). With the exception of ‘Toya’s book (which was obviously written under duress), the rest of these books have had a bit of a “we’re not telling the whole story here” stench about them. Knowing how the Jacksons operate, I expect many, many things about the family’s story to be glossed over. Will Jermaine discuss how Michael distanced himself from his family after becoming mega-famous? Will Jermaine discuss how Michael was railroaded into doing the Victory Tour? Will Jermaine discuss the real reasons he stayed behind at Motown while his other brothers left? Is someone going to talk about Joe’s illegitimate daughter? Will Jermaine talk about what led to his then-wife Hazel Gordy (Berry’s daughter) and Margaret Maldonado being pregnant at the same time? Will Jermaine discuss anything relating to the obvious jealousy he had towards Michael? Will Jermaine discuss the fact that he married his brother Randy’s ex-wife? Probably not, and it’s also probably not worth purchasing or even discussing another Jackson book unless one of them finally decides to break down and tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but…

Look, celebrities are certainly entitled to keep their lives private. However, if you want to keep your life private, you probably shouldn’t sign a book deal. If you do decide to go that route, I say it’s probably best that you approach what you’re writing with honesty, because if it’s another Jackson family whitewash, I say it makes it to the bargain bin in record time. Although, i think a few more copies might be sold if Jermaine tells us what that shit is he uses in his hair.

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