There are some bands that make variations of the same album year after year, but they’ve perfected that signature sound so much that it’s practically a science. Foo Fighters are one of those bands. Although they’ll never be listed on that same iconic list as leader Dave Grohl’s former band, they’ve put together a notable streak of hit singles and albums (and have lasted three times as long).

The Foos have been pretty busy setting up the release of their new album, Wasting Light, which is due on April 12th. The video for “White Limo” has already gotten some serious buzz, and placed itself in the pantheon of weird/funny/great Foo Fighters videos alongside the clips for “Big Me” and “Learn to Fly”. The video for Wasting Light‘s first official single, “Rope”, finds the Foos taking a less humorous but no less interesting approach-the video was filmed on VHS, which gives it a slightly lower-budget appeal. Folks have said it reminds them of the early days of MTV. All it does for me is remind me that a) you don’t need to spend a shit-ton of money to make a good video, and b) as good as a video may or may not be, it all starts with a great song.

Oh, and hello again, Pat Smear!

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