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I do not buy a lot of magazines anymore. All of my music news I can usually get from the interwebs and I’m totally fine with that. I was out and about the other day and saw the latest issue of AP which was the annual “100 bands you need to know in 2011” and like a sucker, I bought it.

At the very least, this issue is good for laugh and I get to make myself feel old when they compare the new bands to other new bands that I’ve never even heard of. I truly love reading the “For Those Who Rock” part of the blurbs just to see the comparisons. Unfortunately most times, it’s also a turn off. I see a band compared to Avenged Sevenfold and I instinctually rip the page out. Sorry new band I’ve never heard of!

Oh, and AP? Here’s some suggestions for next year: Bad Rabbits, Motherboar, Telekinesis, We Made God, MNDR, Constants, and Jack Burton vs. David Lopan. Yes, I know this list is Boston-heavy. Sorry for loving’ my city.

Last year I got Baddies and Neon Trees, this year there’s 5-7 bands. Not bad but out of 100? Not good, AP. There’s a few this year that I’m already familiar with/a fan of (VersaEmerge, Pulled Apart By Horses) so they’re not getting mentioned here. You can research those on your own.
Ok, the name is ridiculous but they’re pretty good. At press time (meaning I just checked their homepage), they changed their name to Hawk Eyes which is equally ridiculous so my first statement stands. Heaviest on the list so far. Opener “Scorpieau” is a driving slab of metal goodness.



Ulterior (My wife gets credit for this one):
Industrialized Bauhaus. Motorcycle jackets. Their debut just came out overseas. Be the first on your block to own it!



Middle Class Rut:
Think Black Keys by way of Death From Above 1979 (plus, there’s only 2 guys in the band) with some Rage Against The Machine riffing. My favorite this year. Former members of Leisure go bare bones and rock the eff out. Opened for Alice In Chains and Filter to name a few. Hints of Perry Farrell and Tom DeLonge vocally. Their debut No Name No Color is seriously badass. Check this space for an album review soon.



Sugar Army:
The vocalist sounds like the dude from We Are Scientists. Anyway, AP got the QOTSA comparison right. They’re from Australia. Hope that doesn’t turn you off



I Hate Our Freedom (my bff is responsible for this one, and yes dudes can have bf’s):

Post-rock noise rock  at its best. Features members of Thursday, Garrison, Texas is the Reason, and Milhouse.



Kids of ’88:
The Faint with a little Pet Shop Boys and ’80’s New Order thrown in for good measure. Bouncy and fun.  “Apart of You” has remnants of “Sunglasses At Night“. If that’s your thing, get it!



Lady rapper alert! More like Lady Sovereign than Nicki Minaj but less annoying than both.



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