So, Datarock’s been around for ten years? Blow me down.

I’ve heard the name pass through hipster circles a few times, but never heard or saw anything worthy of my time. Perhaps I’ve been missing something? Because this “Catcher in the Rye” single is kinda dope. I mean, not only is the song titled after my favorite book ever (predictable, I know), but it’s completely dance-tastic- an excellent example of GOOD dance music (music that makes you want to move without forgetting things like melodies and lyrics) vs. the repetitive, monotonous shite you probably hear on the radio (and I’ve heard in clubs the handful of times I’ve decided to venture inside one).

The press release I got (wow, good music from a press release…who’d have thought?) calls “Catcher” the most extravagant single ever, and seeing as it’s being issued as part of a “toy” package that contains a USB stick featuring a full-length film, 110 tracks, 20 videos and 1,500 photos (really?), who am I to argue? Thankfully, it’s also coming on 3/21 as a regular 5-song EP, for those of us who haven’t yet invested fully into the Datarock experience.

The video is kinda “eh”, but the song is pretty dope, yeah? I see you chair dancing.

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