If this was 2001 instead of 2011, I would have much higher expectations for a Jordan Knight album. After all, we would have only been two years removed from his debut solo record, in which the former New Kid paired with a future superstar by the name of Robin Thicke and, joined by the production prowess of the legendary Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, made what might still be the best album ever recorded by an ’80s/’90s boy-bander (excluding New Edition, of course).

That 1999 album didn’t sell as well as Jordan’s then-record company might have hoped, and in the ensuing decade, Jordan did the reality show thing, appearing on “The Surreal Life”. He released an absolutely horrid album of NKOTB covers (seriously, the person who thought of that should be shot), followed by a mediocre EP called (“The Fix”, followed by a lame album of Eighties covers that included (featured, actually) a duet with Debbie Gibson called “Say Goodbye” (which actually became a moderate adult contemporary hit). Then the New Kids reunion happened and the idea of another Jordan Knight solo album completely floated out of my brain…

…Until now. On Ryan Seacrest’s show yesterday, Jordan premiered his new single, entitled “Let’s Go Higher”, and announced that even though he’ll be touring with the NKOTB this summer (oh yeah, the Backstreet Boys will be there too), he has a new solo album scheduled for release in May. As for the song itself: “Let’s Go Higher” is a perfectly acceptable, melodic piece of dance-pop. I do believe Jordan is much better as a balladeer, but at least the song doesn’t give off the same noxious old-man-in-the-club vibe as strongly as efforts by the likes of R. Kelly and Jamie Foxx. I should also note that this song contains the dreaded Auto-Tune. When will people who can sing perfectly well learn?

Still, if Jordan can get the right production team together, this album could be a sleeper.

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