Hard to believe it’s been over two decades since Lalah Hathaway stepped on the scene with her self-titled debut album and the hit single “Heaven Knows”. As with most children of entertainers, Lalah has managed to inherit the rich vocal tone of her father, the great Donny Hathaway. Unlike many children of entertainers, Lalah has managed to carve out her own niche in the R&B community, with a dedicated group of fans (including Prince, who I saw her open for back in December), a web series with fellow soul troubadour Rahsaan Patterson, and the upcoming release of her sixth studio album.

Lalah also maintains an active Twitter profile, and her musings are often right on point regarding the music industry. She and the folks at her label, Concord, have decided to treat us with a teaser from the (as far as I know) as yet untitled project. Don’t really have any words to describe “We’re All in This Together” other than “dope”. Give it a listen. I guarantee you’ll be seeing more of her on these pages as a release date is decided on and her album is released.

Check out “We’re All in This Together” here.


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