So, um…what happened to the “Monster” video? A rough cut of the clip was floating around the net a month or so ago, but there was never an official release. Did “Monster” just not gain traction on the radio? Was the internet chatter about the video’s alleged misogyny enough to kill the video? (I don’t see that happening, but ya never know). Did the mercurial Kanye just have a change of heart? Who knows?

At any rate, the third video from the Platinum-plus My Beautiful, Dark Twisted Fantasy has surfaced, and it’s yet another collaboration between Kanye and Hype Williams, who’s directed many of West’s most popular clips. True to the song’s title, folks that have seizures should definitely not watch this video-there are lights everywhere. There are also cameos from Rihanna (flashing some serious tattooed side-boob) and Kid Cudi (who apparently decided to stop doing drugs long enough to show up in the video for about a minute), as well as a literal list of everyone who appears on the star-studded song, except for Elton John, who plays piano on the track.

Do I smell a bitch-fight coming? Get the claws out!

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