I never thought I would like a song that Ani Difranco had any part of but here I am bobbing my head along to “Blackbird and the Fox” off of Dynamite Steps, the latest from Twilight Singers. Thanks a lot, Greg Dulli.

It’s been almost 5 years since their last, Powder Burns, dropped and it sounds as if Dulli and co. haven’t skipped a beat. Twilight Singers make the kind of music I love: hard to describe. It’s a mixture of alt-rock, soul, and pop wrapped in a blanket of beauty

“Last Night in Town” is a piano-laden opener building to a wall of guitars and strings. “Waves” is an epic maelstrom of guitars with Dulli’s croon floating comfortably underneath. “Get Lucky” is a slow jam with a solid drum groove that carries throughout while first single “On The Corner” starts off hypnotic and leads to a percussive piano/drum showdown tickled with guitar solos.

Then there’s the guests. Besides Difranco, Dulli gets a little help from his Gutter Twin Mark Lanegan who lends his unmistakable rasp to the somber “Be Invited”.

If I wanted to, I could write a glowing review for every song on Dynamite Steps. I really could. Instead, I’m going to let you try it for yourself.

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