Valentine’s Day is one of those days I’d rather not be bothered with sentiment, but when I heard this song by my favorites Halston celebrating the merits/acknowledging the hardships of the holiday, I felt a warm, fuzzy feeling creep up in my chest. Well, it turned out to be a pretty nasty case of the flu, but still, “Valentime’s Day” can now be added to the pantheon of great songs about the day that serves as a remembrance of the time Cupid stuck his arrow in many (or for people like me who want to give Cupid a taste of a knuckle sandwich…feel sorry for me yet?)

Anyway, the video clip for “Valentime’s Day” is minus 1/2 of the band. Instrumental wizard and occasional Popblerd! contributor Carlos Halston decided to sit this clip out and leave the reins in the capable hands (and vocal chords) of Dando Halston. The video gives me a serious Calvin Klein Obsession vibe circa 1991. All we’d need is a near-topless, tastefully posed female model, right?

This video is my Valentine’s/Valentime’s Day gift to you, and make sure you check out their Soundcloud page and download their music!!

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