Between this news and The Arcade Fire’s Grammy win last night, every wanna-be hipster from 25-40 is shitting their drawers with glee right now.

British rock superstars Radiohead will be releasing their eighth album, The King of Limbs, via their website via a multitude of packages this Saturday. The news is a semi-surprise; the members of Radiohead have been discussing working on new music for quite some time. The most unexpected thing here is the fact that the album’s coming out so quickly after the announcement. However, Radiohead’s in the type of place most artists envy-they’ve achieved great commercial and critical success, AND they can do whatever they want. As of right now, there doesn’t seem to be a typical physical package in the offing, but I’m sure one will rear it’s head sooner or later.

For my money, I’m excited. In Rainbows was Radiohead’s best album in nearly a decade-still typically Radiohead, but not as deliberately esoteric as Amnesiac or Hail to the Thief. I was also a big fan of Thom Yorke’s solo project, The Eraser, so this is more hyped about a new Radiohead project than I’ve been in quite some time. They’ve come a long way from the days when I owned “Creep” on cassette single and none of my friends knew who they were.

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